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Neurocareers: Doing The Impossible!

Sep 26, 2022

Innovation? Technology? Illusions?

Meet and greet Jeanette Andrews - an informal cognitive scientist and one of the most innovative illusionists in the world today! Jeanette is using modern technologies, including AIs and cognitive science principles, in her Magic shows! 

We are all interested in making the impossible...

Sep 18, 2022

Neurofeedback has the potential to shift human experience towards improved mental health and elevated brain fitness in the upcoming years. Wearable neurotechnologies make it possible for millions of people to experience the empowering effect of neurofeedback.

Tune into our conversation with Chad Olin and G Cole -...

Sep 11, 2022

Interpersonal Neurobiology & Resonant Movement with Sasha Soreff

Are you willing to take 15 seconds to move your body right now? What about taking 15 seconds to tune inside and say: "Oh... What am I sensing? Do I find any sensation going on in my body?" and to do it as many times as you think of it in the days to come?...

Sep 4, 2022

Do we have free will? How is our decision-making different from machines? Will artificial intelligence replace us in the workforce? What are the legal implications of committing a crime using a brain-machine interface? Can we use neurotechnology to rehabilitate criminal offenders? 

Tune into the thought-provoking...