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Neurocareers: Doing The Impossible!

Mar 10, 2024

How do you switch gears from the world of academic neuroscience to the fast-paced neurotech industry? What kind of hurdles might pop up, and how do you leap over them? And what's the secret sauce for blending neuroscience know-how with top-notch neurotech development? Say hello to Walter Piper, PhD, who’s made the jump and soared from delving into the depths of the brain in academia to pioneering data science for brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) at Neurable.

Welcome to the "Neurocareers: Doing the Impossible!" podcast and its fresh episode, "A Leap from Academia to Industry: Data Science for BCIs with Walter Piper, PhD, at Neurable." Dr. Walter Piper shares with us his extraordinary career journey from neural circuits behind stress to creating AI-powered algorithms for BCIs.

Walter’s academic creds are impressive, with a suitcase packed with achievements, including six published research articles and a chapter in the Encyclopedia of Mental Health. But here’s the twist: he decided to leave academia and leap into the neurotech industry.

Was Walter’s path a straight line? Sometimes, yes, but at times, it felt more of a climb, scramble, and occasionally a sprint, especially with the whole pandemic backdrop. He swapped his lab coat for a data scientist’s hat by diving into Springboard’s data science BootCamp, learning Python, and doing some heavy lifting with networking—all online. The result? He landed at Neurable, where he’s now doing what seems like magic: meshing neuroscience, psychology, and tech to invent BCIs!

So, what’s Walter's story? How did he tackle the big move? What’s his day like at Neurable, and what BCI wizardry is he creating with his team? If you’re curious about the nuts and bolts of neurotech, want to hear about a day in the life of a neurotech whiz, or just need a nudge to make your own leap into something new, this episode’s for you.

Tune in, sit back, and dive into the fascinating, mind-bending world of neurotech with Dr. Walter Piper! Enjoy!

About the Podcast Guest:

Walter T. Piper, Ph.D., is a research engineer at Neurable, where he applies his background in neuroscience, psychology, and data science to create EEG algorithms and AI tools for Neurable’s brain-computer interfaces. Walter’s professional journey started with a decade of research in academic neuroscience, where he studied neural and molecular circuits responsible for Pavlovian conditioning, stress, and social dynamics. Upon finishing his PhD in 2020, Walter switched his focus to data science and industry, aiming to bring neuroscience out of the lab and into the lives of consumers. He navigated this career transition during the pandemic by doing Springboard’s data science bootcamp and networking online, ultimately arriving at Neurable.

Helpful links:


Springboard (data science bootcamp):

NeuroTechX (networking resource):

NeuroMatch Academy (educational resource):

About Neurable:

Neurable is a Boston-based neurotechnology company spun out of the University of Michigan’s Direct-Brain Interface Laboratory. Its vision is to make neurotechnology easily accessible to everyone, everywhere. With 10+ years of scientific development, Neurable’s proprietary tech platform cleans and interprets brain waves, enabling high-performing EEG sensors to be seamlessly integrated into everyday devices.

Their first consumer product, created in collaboration with Master & Dynamic, is a premium headphones-integrated brain-computer-interface (BCI) device that uses brainwave sensors and algorithms to robustly estimate focus. This device enables users to build better work habits, improve work efficiency, and prevent burnout.

Neurable is building an intelligent layer between the brain and computers. Powered by patented signal processing, developed through decades of pioneering research across leading labs and institutions, and advanced by a leading scientific and expert product team, the Neurable AI platform enables high-performance brain-computer interface in everyday devices.

About the Podcast Host:

The Neurocareers podcast is brought to you by The Institute of Neuroapproaches ( and its founder, Milena Korostenskaja, Ph.D. (Dr. K), a neuroscience educator, research consultant, and career coach for people in neuroscience and neurotechnologies. As a professional coach with a background in the field, Dr. K understands the unique challenges and opportunities job applicants face in this field and can provide personalized coaching and support to help you succeed.

Here's what you'll get with one-on-one coaching sessions from Dr. K:

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