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Neurocareers: Doing The Impossible!

Feb 26, 2024

How does neuroscience influence our lives, guiding us through both the peaks and valleys of our personal and professional paths? Can an understanding of the brain's complexities equip us with the tools to navigate life's obstacles more effectively?

Embark on a fascinating journey into the world of neuroscience with us on "Neurocareers: Doing the Impossible!" Explore the intricate ways in which neuroscience intersects with every facet of our being, from our career trajectories to our overall well-being.

What qualities are essential for embracing a lifelong journey intertwined with neuroscience, seamlessly blending research, education, and entrepreneurship? How can one navigate academia and transition into brain wellness entrepreneurship?

Join us as we uncover the inspiring narrative of Marcelle A. Siegel, PhD, the visionary founder of brainRISE, a pioneering company dedicated to neurowellness and stress reduction through practical neuroscience. Marcelle's transition from researcher to entrepreneur vividly illustrates the profound impact of neuroscience on our lives, showcasing how a deep understanding of the brain can empower us to thrive in various aspects of our lives.

Gain invaluable insights as Marcelle imparts career advice, providing guidance on navigating the academic landscape and leveraging neuroscience knowledge to overcome life's challenges. Discover how embracing neuroscience can not only enrich our careers but also enhance our resilience in times of adversity.

Immerse yourself in this captivating conversation as we delve into Marcelle Siegel's remarkable journey, exploring the transformative potential of neuroscience in shaping our lives and careers. Join us on this inspiring voyage of self-discovery and empowerment with Marcelle Siegel, PhD, at brainRISE.

About the Podcast Guest:

Marcelle A. Siegel is the visionary Founder of brainRISE, a company dedicated to neurowellness and stress reduction through practical neuroscience. A Professor of Science Education with joint appointments in education and biochemistry at the University of Missouri (2006-present), Marcelle's academic journey began with a focus on neurobiology during her undergraduate years. Her passion for understanding the intricacies of the brain led her to pursue an M.S. in Neuroanatomy, followed by a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Learning Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley.
Recognized for her groundbreaking contributions to educational research, Marcelle was honored with the Research in Biology Education award by the National Association of Biology Teachers in 2016. Now, she's flipping the script with brainRISE, a game-changing enterprise designed to melt your stress and bring the chilllll to your life.
Think you're neurospicy? Feeling not yourself, but the docs say you're all good or just need more meds? Marcelle's got your back. As a distinguished science educator turned neurowellness advocate and busy mom of two, she knows firsthand the struggle of balancing personal health with life's demands. That's why she's on a mission to cut through the health hype and kick neuroinflammation to the curb.
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About the Podcast Host:

The Neurocareers podcast is brought to you by The Institute of Neuroapproaches ( and its founder, Milena Korostenskaja, Ph.D. (Dr. K), a neuroscience educator, research consultant, and career coach for people in neuroscience and neurotechnologies. As a professional coach with a background in the field, Dr. K understands the unique challenges and opportunities job applicants face in this field and can provide personalized coaching and support to help you succeed.

Here's what you'll get with one-on-one coaching sessions from Dr. K:

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