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Neurocareers: Doing The Impossible!

Nov 12, 2022

What would the alien language look like? What science fiction movies can tell us about the limits of our perception? What will happen to human language with the development of neurotechnologies?

Tune into our conversation with Marco Mazzanti - a linguist with a special interest in psycholinguistics! In Part 1 of this podcast episode, Marco will discuss the interrelation between language and the brain. He will immerse you in the discussion about the limits of our perception of the world around us by looking at examples of sci-fi movies. Marco will also talk about the future of language when humans and computers merge. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this podcast episode with Marco Mazzanti, where he will share his perspective on what you can do to succeed in learning foreign languages and much more!


During this episode, you will learn the following:

[00:00] Episode intro and what’s in for you in today’s episode

[01:06] Meet Marco Mazzanti, a Lingus interested in psycholinguistics who speaks multiple languages, teaches languages, and addresses linguistic aspects of Sci-Fi movies.

[02:59] Macro remembers his attempts to create his language as a child and discusses what necessitates creating a new language in people.

[05:59] The most challenging thing for Marco when studying languages and psycholinguistics.

[08:53] Why are some people better than others at learning languages?

[21:31] What can we expect in language development in the future with the changes in human knowledge and machines?

[24:28] The future where we can comprehend what happens inside our brain among our neuro cells during pronunciation as the faculty of languages changes with technology.

[29:29] Writing and drawing with a pencil Vs. writing with a keyboard, and how they impact the neuro cells of the brain.

[31:54] What inspired Marco’s interest in many Sci-Fi movies, and how he addresses them from a psycholinguistic perspective?

[42:07] Marco's article and how we can tap into different types of languages and faculties of language.

[47:16] Ending the show and call to action.


Tune In For Part 2!


About the Podcast Guest

You can connect with Marco Mazzanti and learn more about what he does through LinkedIn:

Notable Quotes

  • Linguistics is deeply connected to psychology and biology, and language has changed over time.
  • Language is strictly related to our perception of ourselves and the differences in the individual representation of what a language is, must be, or ought to be.
  • Everything starts from our brain; everything in our brain is very important and interconnected. We’re our brains.
  • Writing with our hands is useful for developing neural cells and allowing us to use our brain.
  • Technology ought to be a friend of mankind, and the impact of technology should be positive, not invasive. It should help us understand what happens in our brain.
  • Our ability to write and draw with a pencil should remain an activity daily; it’s very important for our neuro cells development.
  • Languages can be written, signed, or spoken; as humans, we have a limited view of what language should be.


About the Podcast and Its Host

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