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Neurocareers: Doing The Impossible!

Feb 19, 2024

How can we use innovations in neuroengineering and AI to alleviate nerve pain and discomfort experienced by millions of people with diabetes? What can we do to reduce their risk of falls and improve their quality of life?

Join us on an insightful journey into neuroengineering, healthcare innovation, and entrepreneurship in this episode of "Neurocareers: Doing the Impossible!" We'll explore the challenges faced by those living with diabetic neuropathy and the urgent need for effective solutions to enhance their quality of life.

Imagine a groundbreaking device that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and neurostimulation to relieve those suffering from diabetic neuropathic pain. That's precisely what MYNERVA, a pioneering startup co-founded by Dr. Greta Preatoni, is working tirelessly to develop.

Dr. Preatoni, a neuroengineering Ph.D. graduate from ETH Zürich, is at the forefront of this transformative endeavor. Her passion for applying cutting-edge research to real-world problems has led her to spearhead the development of a revolutionary device to restore sensation and reduce pain via non-invasive nerve stimulation.

In this episode, Dr. Preatoni will share her inspirational academic and entrepreneurial journey, offering valuable insights into the intersection of neuroscience, technology, and healthcare. Her story is a testament to determination and innovation. It also serves as a beacon of inspiration for women considering careers in neuroscience and neurotechnologies.

Tune in to "Neurocareers: Doing the Impossible!" and discover the remarkable potential of AI-driven neurostimulation in transforming the lives of individuals affected by diabetic neuropathy. Use this opportunity to learn from Dr. Greta Preatoni's pioneering work and her vision for a brighter, pain-free future for millions worldwide.

About the Podcast Guest:

Dr. Greta Preatoni is the CEO & Co-founder of MYNERVA, an ETH spin-off developing a AI-driven neurostimulating device to restore touch and reduce pain in diabetic neuropathy. Dr. Preatoni completed her PhD in Neuroengineering at ETH Zurich, where the idea of MYNERVA was born and tested in several clinical trials with great success. Her passion is rooted between the interconnection of the mind, the body and technologies, and MYNERVA is the culmination of this passion. 

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About the Podcast Host:

The Neurocareers podcast is brought to you by The Institute of Neuroapproaches ( and its founder, Milena Korostenskaja, Ph.D. (Dr. K), a neuroscience educator, research consultant, and career coach for people in neuroscience and neurotechnologies. As a professional coach with a background in the field, Dr. K understands the unique challenges and opportunities job applicants face in this field and can provide personalized coaching and support to help you succeed.

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