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Neurocareers: Doing The Impossible!

Aug 7, 2023

What can help a paralyzed person control their body? Welcome to the BCI Award Neurocareers podcast series, where we embark on extraordinary journeys at the forefront of neuroscience and neurotechnologies. In this remarkable episode, we unlock the potential of an innovative project: "An implantable brain-body interface using intrafascicular stimulation to restore hand functions."

Imagine a future where individuals with tetraplegia can effortlessly control their movements through the power of their minds alone. Elena Losanno and her visionary colleagues dared to turn this vision into reality with their groundbreaking neuroprostheses, designed to create a unique assistive solution through a brain-body interface (BBI). Through this groundbreaking concept, users gain voluntary control over their bodies, transforming the landscape of neurotechnology and rehabilitation.

Led by the brilliant Elena Losanno, a PhD student from Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa, Italy, this innovative project earned second place in the prestigious International BCI Award 2022. With the mentorship and guidance of Prof. Silvestro Micera, Elena, and a talented team of scientists from the Translational Neural Engineering Lab at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) embarked on a groundbreaking neuroengineering journey that elevated rehabilitation possibilities for paralyzed individuals to unprecedented heights by building a brain-body interface (BBI).

But that's not all! As an experienced participant in the BCI Award competition, Elena graciously shares her valuable tips on succeeding in this prestigious event. Whether you're an aspiring researcher or a neurotechnology enthusiast, Elena's insights will pave the way for you to craft your own groundbreaking project.

Get ready to be awed and inspired by Elena's remarkable research journey as we explore the awe-inspiring potential of the brain-body interface to transform lives. Tune in to the BCI Award Neurocareers podcast and join the visionary world of neuroscience, technology, and human potential.

About the Podcast Guest:

Meet our exceptional guest for this episode, Elena Losanno, a trailblazing PhD student from the Biorobotics Institute of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. Elena's passion for neuroengineering and rehabilitation has driven her to embark on groundbreaking research at the Translational Neural Engineering Lab of EPFL, where she conducted her award-winning BCI project. Her work revolves around the fascinating concept of a brain-body interface (BBI), empowering paralyzed individuals to control their whole body solely through brain activity. Elena's dedication to improving the quality of life for people with impaired hand movements has earned her second place in the International BCI Award 2022.

Connect with Elena on LinkedIn:

Learn about the Biorobotic Institute of Scuola Superiore Ant'Anna, where Elena works:

Learn about the Translational Neural Engineering Lab of EPFL, where the BCI Award study was conducted under the guidance of Prof. Silvestro Micera:

About the Podcast Host: 

The Neurocareers podcast is brought to you by The Institute of Neuroapproaches ( and its founder, Milena Korostenskaja, Ph.D. (Dr. K), a neuroscience educator, research consultant, and career coach for students and recent graduates in neuroscience and neurotechnologies. As a professional coach with a background in the field, Dr. K understands the unique challenges and opportunities facing students in this field and can provide personalized coaching and support to help you succeed.

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