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Neurocareers: Doing The Impossible!

Aug 26, 2023

Welcome to another episode of the "Neurocareers: Doing the Impossible!" BCI Award podcast series! Today, we're diving into an inspiring project, "Walking naturally after spinal cord injury using a brain-spine interface," that has shattered the boundaries of spinal cord injuries, offering a new way to mobility and independence.

Imagine a world where spinal cord injuries no longer result in permanent paralysis. Come with us as we delve into a pioneering project that has created a digital bridge between the brain and spinal cord, allowing a person with chronic tetraplegia to stand, walk, and move naturally. The groundbreaking brain-spine interface (BSI) includes implanted systems that link cortical signals directly to epidural electrical stimulation. This targets specific spinal cord regions crucial for walking. Published in Nature in 2023, this exceptional project restores movement control and enhances neurological recovery through BSI-powered neurorehabilitation.

Our guest today, Dr. Henri Lorach from NeuroX Institute at EPFL, Switzerland, was instrumental in this groundbreaking project. As a senior researcher and Head of the Brain Spine Interface Unit, Dr. Lorach brings a wealth of experience and insight to this remarkable work. Join us as we delve into the details of this project and explore Dr. Lorach's expertise in neurotechnologies.

Moreover, Dr. Lorach is a key contributor to transformative research and a member of the Jury for The BCI Award 2023. With his wealth of experience, he'll provide invaluable insights into what the jury looks for in submitted projects and offer advice on crafting a successful submission.

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the project that claimed first place in the BCI Award competition 2022, learn from Dr. Lorach's expertise, and embark on a journey into the future of neurotechnology!

About the Podcast Guest:

Dr. Henri Lorach is a distinguished expert in the realm of neurotechnologies. Dr. Lorach's academic background includes notable tenures at Stanford University, where he served as a Senior Research Scientist. He held pivotal roles as a Research Scientist and Visiting Scholar, accumulating profound experience and insights within the field. During his time at Stanford, Dr. Lorach's contributions were instrumental in advancing our understanding of neural engineering, specifically in areas such as photovoltaic retinal prostheses, conducted within the Hansen Experimental Physics Lab.

Further enriching his expertise, Dr. Lorach engaged in impactful research as a Researcher at Fondation Voir et Entendre- Pixium Vision. This engagement centered on the research and development of retinal implants, aimed at visual rehabilitation. This experience allowed him to contribute to cutting-edge advancements in the restoration of sensory function.

Presently, Dr. Henri Lorach holds the distinguished position of Head of the Brain Spine Interface Unit at NeuroRestore, CHUV, Lausanne. He has spearheaded groundbreaking projects in this role, including the remarkable endeavor titled "Walking naturally after spinal cord injury using a brain-spine interface." This groundbreaking project secured first place in the prestigious BCI Award competition 2022, showcasing Dr. Lorach's visionary contributions to neurotechnology.

Moreover, Dr. Lorach's influence extends beyond his research endeavors. As a prominent member of the Jury of The BCI Award 2023, he brings a wealth of experience and insights to the evaluation of groundbreaking projects, thereby shaping the future of neurotechnological advancements.

Through his diverse roles across esteemed institutions and his pioneering contributions, Dr. Henri Lorach continues to drive the evolution of neurotechnologies, offering innovative solutions for restoring mobility and independence to individuals with spinal cord injuries.

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About the Podcast Host: 

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