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Neurocareers: Doing The Impossible!

Jul 2, 2023

Welcome, dear listeners, to another captivating episode of "Neurocareers: Doing the Impossible!" Podcast. Today, we are about to unveil the intriguing interplay between neuroscience and architectural design, exploring the fascinating realm of the neuroscience of spaces. Picture this: how does our environment shape our brains, influence our emotions, and enhance our well-being? Prepare to be captivated as we delve into the extraordinary field where circadian rhythms and architectural design collide.

Leading the way is our exceptional guide, Ali Heshmati, an esteemed architect with over 30 years of experience and a remarkable journey in the field. Ali's profound expertise merges with his deep-rooted passion for the intersection of neuroscience and architecture, making him the perfect companion on this mind-expanding quest. Ali is a perfect example of bringing his passion to a level of scientific research by pursuing his PhD on the effect of light in living spaces on the human nervous system.

Throughout this episode, we'll uncover the intricate influence of circadian rhythms on our lives and the pivotal role of architectural design in optimizing our overall well-being. Ali will illuminate the profound impact of light on our circadian rhythms, demonstrating how it can shape our cognitive and physiological states, fostering an environment of vitality and harmony. Moreover, Ali will share some tips on how we can make changes in our environment already today to stay healthier and in tune with the rhythms of the natural environment. 

But that's not all! As our curiosity grows, so does the potential for transformation. Ali will generously share invaluable resources and insights for those inspired to explore this remarkable field and embark on a career pivot toward neuroscience-informed architectural design.

So, join us in immersing yourselves in a world where neuroscience and spaces merge harmoniously. Brace yourselves for an exploration that transcends boundaries, ignites imagination, and sets the stage for a future where our environments enhance our well-being!

About the podcast guest:

Introducing Ali Heshmati, a visionary architect and PhD candidate at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Ali's expertise has revolutionized the intersection of architecture and neuroscience, paving the way for transformative design principles.

Ali's profound exploration centers on the impact of architectural design on our nervous system, psychological health, and overall well-being. By delving into the fascinating realm of circadian rhythms, Ali uncovers the vital connection between light, space, and human nervous system.

To further expand your knowledge in this captivating field, Ali recommends diving into the insightful book "Life Time" by Russell G. Foster, a reader-friendly guide that sheds light on the intricate relationship between time, light, and human biology.

Ali's research is also informed by key papers that have shaped our understanding of the subject. From Brow et al.'s recommendations for optimal light exposure to Webler et al.'s exploration of the "spectral diet" of humans, these scholarly works provide invaluable insights into the profound impact of light on our well-being:

  • Brow et al. 2022, Recommendations for daytime, evening, and nighttime indoor light exposure to best support physiology, sleep, and wakefulness in healthy adults
  • Webler et al. 2019, What is the ‘spectral diet’ of humans?
  • Till Roenneberg and Russell G. Foster, 1997, Twilight Time: Light and the Circadian System:
  • Wittmann et al. 2006, Social Jetlag

Beyond academia, Ali is a co-founder of Circadian Eyewear, a revolutionary venture that offers blue-blocking lenses designed to maintain balanced and stable circadian rhythms. These lenses harmonize our modern lifestyle with our natural environment, unlocking the body's innate healing powers and promoting optimal health.

Ali's transformative projects extend beyond Circadian Eyewear. As the founder of the Laboratory for Environment, Architecture, and Design (LEADinc), he spearheaded a collaborative effort to create spaces that prioritize physical and psychological well-being. Ali's visionary mindset also finds expression at Henning Larsen Architects, where he continues to push the boundaries of human-centric design.

Explore Ali Heshmati's incredible journey and discover his transformative projects:

Connect with Ali on LinkedIn to stay updated on his groundbreaking work and be inspired by his passion for human-centric design:

Join us in celebrating the visionary work of Ali Heshmati, a trailblazer who merges the realms of neuroscience and architecture, shaping a future where our built environment nurtures our well-being and enhances our lives!

About the Podcast Host:

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